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Put A Lid On It!

vinolid was created as an elegant, affordable means of holding aroma in the glass, while keeping insects and other debris out. It allows wine to be savored in its best possible fashion. Whether you’re in a tasting room, picnicking, poolside, or on your patio, vinolid helps you fully enjoy your wine.


vinolid will be a fantastic staple at our winery – both for tastings to keep the wine free of unwanted pests during “bug” season as well as in the lab during tasting sessions.  Light and durable yet still pretty, vinolid is a great solution to a long-time problem! - Ryan MacDonnell Bracher -  Owner, Round Pond Estate

Much appreciation for creating a wine accessory that industry professionals have long been attempting to improvise.  Tools such as vinolid, contribute to the presentation of wine in the best possible condition.  Wine trade and consumer experiences can benefit greatly from thoughtful tastings. - Steve Morey - Master Sommelier


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